Dodging the Flu Bullet When Pregnant

Dodging the Flu Bullet

Dodging the Flu Bullet: A Mum-to-Be's Guide to Staying HealthyΒ πŸŒ‚

G'day lovely mums (and mums to be), πŸ’–

Ever been caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella? That's what having the flu feels like, especially when you've got a little bub on the way. It's not just getting a bit wet; it's a full-on drenching downpour of fever, chills, and a whole lot of "I'd rather be in bed." πŸ˜“

Why the Flu Isn't Just a "Bit of Sniffles" 🀧

For most, influenza (or, as we commonly know it, the flu) might just seem like a pesky cold, but it’s more like the unwanted guest that overstays its welcome. And let me tell ya, if you're a mum-to-be, it's like that guest brought along their entire family.

A Little Extra Caution for the Expecting Mums 🀰

Here's a not-so-fun fact: Pregnant women are at an increased risk of complications from the flu. But fear not, because I've got the lowdown on how to sidestep this soggy situation.

A ortrayal of a pregnant woman standing strong against the iconic backdrop of the Sydney Opera House. As the sun casts a warm and golden hue over the scene, symbolic stylised flu viruses float in the air, representing the challenges of illness. However, her poised stance and determined gaze symbolise her unwavering fight against the flu, highlighting the theme of resilience and strength amidst adversity.p

Pregnant woman conquers flu with Sydney Opera House backdrop on wellness journey.

Your Defence Toolkit: πŸ›‘οΈ

  1. Hand Hygiene: Think of it as your magic shield. A good scrub with soap and water, and those flu germs won't know what hit 'em.

  2. Face Off with the Flu: Keep those mitts away from your face. That's the flu's sneaky entrance.

  3. Tissue Tactics: Got a sneeze brewing or a cough coming? Grab a tissue, use it, and bin it. Follow up with a hand wash, and you're golden.

  4. The Power of Prevention – The Flu Vaccination: It's the superhero cape every mum-to-be needs. And the cherry on top? It's free for pregnant women under the National Immunisation Program. Yup, no dollaridoos needed. And just to bust a common myth – no, you can't catch the flu from the vaccine. But you might get some minor side effects, like a bit of redness at the injection site. A small price to pay, don't you reckon?

Illustration of a soon-to-be mother, standing by a sink, washing her hands with soap. The water from the tap forms clear droplets that dance around her hands. The background is intentionally blurred, drawing the viewer's attention to her serene expression. The words 'Wellbeing Wired' are elegantly placed within the scene.

The importance of washing your hands when pregnant

Feeling a Bit Off? Don't Brush It Under the Rug 🌑️

If you're feeling a tad under the weather, don't just chalk it up to pregnancy hormones. Pop over to your GP, get tested, and make sure you're all good. Remember, it's not just about you anymore; there's a little one counting on you.

Wrapping It Up 🎁

Your health and your baby's well-being should always be front and centre. So, arm yourself with knowledge, take precautions, and always remember: You're bloody amazing!

Cheers to staying flu-free and fabulous πŸ’–Β 


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